Caring For the Elderly

There are many things to consider when asked to care for an elderly person. It may surprise you to know that 70% of elderly care is provided by family members and friends. Many think they can take care of an elderly person, but it takes a very special person to do it well. Elderly care is a challenging task – one that is also inevitable. Oftentimes, adult children experience sadness and depression as they watch a parent who was competent and capable become frail and needy.

If the present goal is for the senior to live independently in his or her own home, there are many safeguards to be considered and installed as soon as possible. Among the obvious are grab bars in the bathroom and hallways. Another improvement in the bathroom would be a shower stool. An emergency system needs to be in place in case the elder needs immediate assistance as in the case of a fall.

Senior citizens are finding in these technologically advanced days many issues on their hands that they can’t handle by themselves.

Older people are also now living well into their 80s and beyond. At some point, the decision about assistance will need to be made. The determination of the need for senior care services and the choice of a facility is an extremely important decision.

Do your homework. Talk to people who are already taking care of an elderly person. Also check out the many online and community resources geared toward senior care. Whether it’s assisted living or a nursing facility, our seniors deserve caregivers who are compassionate and caring. Learn about LTC (long term care) insurance and all aspects of care (including costs) in the last stage of life. What you learn may even help yourself some day.

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