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Healthcare Consulting – Uncover 3 Effective Secrets to Advance in Consulting

Here’s how you can thrive in the field of healthcare consulting:

1. Understand the healthcare industry. Although you really don’t need to know how doctors do their job, it’s important that you have a solid idea about the business side of the healthcare industry so you can offer your clients with sound advice.

2. Talk to your prospects. Before you help your clients, ask them first what they really want to achieve. Healthcare consulting is a broad terms and it can refer to a lot of things. That is why, it would help if you can identify the specific needs of your clients before you offer your expert advice. Do they need help in their marketing campaign? Are they having human resources issues? Do they have questions about their bookkeeping? Are they clueless as to how much they would pay their regular and casual employees? Knowing the exact problems or needs of these people will empower you to give them exactly what they are looking for.


Offer solutions. Obviously, the next step that you need to take after knowing the problems of your clients is to offer them with sound solutions. In some cases, they might only need answers to their questions. On some cases, they may need to ask you to draw up their business or marketing plans. The key here is to give them exactly what they want to easily impress them. You will be paid depending on the amount of time that you put in on projects. Most healthcare consultants these days charge anywhere from ,500 -,000 per client.

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Healthcare Consulting – How to Get Started?

What if you discovered how easy it is to get started being a health care consultant if you follow this plan?

Here are 3 simple steps to get you started…

Step 1 – Know what’s going around and then get started selecting your niche.

Step 2 – Ask them what are the problems they are facing.

Step 3 – The most important step is tracking.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily…

Step 1 – Know what’s going around and then get started selecting your niche.

It is not necessary that you have to be a doctor to get started providing healthcare consultation.

But before you get started it is highly important that you know the industry very well and decide on a specific niche that you have expertise and you want to get started with.

It can be either weight loss, body building or health and nutrition.

Before you get started you need to know the exact problems that your clients are facing…

Step 2 – Ask them what are the problems they are facing.

Without knowing the problems of your clients it is difficult to get started.

Therefore visit yahoo answers, various forums in your niche, etc and know what problems your niche is suffering from.

Take their problems, find out solutions for the same and setup a step by step training system that you can provide them to help them out.

It is highly important that you track your clients regularly…

Step 3 – The most important step is tracking.

The most important step in improving health and achieving success in anything is consistency and repetition.

Therefore it is important that you track your clients on daily or atleast weekly basis and see to it whether they are applying the steps and working on the plan that you have created for them.

If they do it they should achieve results for sure.

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House Democrats unveil healthcare bill

Senior House Democrats on Friday introduced their plan for reshaping the nation’s health care system, calling for a new government insurance option, a new mandate on employers to provide coverage and a new guarantee of subsidized health care for the poor.

The draft — the fullest presentation so far of congressional liberals’ vision for overhauling medical care — offered few indications of how such a plan would be financed. The price tag is expected to top trillion.

The bill’s authors said they would detail their plan to cover the costs in coming weeks.

“We’re going to pay for this bill,” said House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills).

Options under consideration include cuts in Medicare and Medicaid as well as new taxes — including the possibility of taxing some employees for job-based insurance.

The blueprint drew swift praise from President Obama.

“This proposal would improve the affordability, availability and quality of healthcare and represents a major step toward . . . our goal of fixing what is broken about healthcare while building on what works,” he said in a statement.

But representatives of the insurance industry immediately attacked the proposal to offer a government medical plan that consumers could choose as an alternative to private coverage.

The industry says any such government option would have advantages that private companies could not compete with.

“While the discussion draft addresses many of the critical steps needed to transform our healthcare system, these important reforms are overshadowed by the proposed creation of a government-run health plan that would jeopardize the coverage of the 160 million people who receive their benefits through their employers today,” said Scott P. Serota, president of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Assn.

On the other side of the Capitol, some senior Senate Democrats had already begun backing away from the so-called government option, seeing it as an obstacle in terms of cost and building bipartisan support.

When Sens. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.) recently introduced their version of healthcare reform, they did not include the government-option provision.

Under the House bill unveiled Friday, the government’s insurance program would offer consumers a benefit package including preventive health services, mental health services, dental and vision care for children and annual caps on the amount of money subscribers would have to pay.

“Choice is the key,” Waxman said. “Choice is the key for consumers to pick which plan they want, whether it’s a private insurance plan or a public insurance plan.”

The bill envisions that Americans earning up to 400% of the federal poverty level — or ,000 for a family of four — could qualify for credits to help them buy insurance. It would also provide new federal dollars to open up the Medicaid program to Americans earning up to 133% of the federal poverty level and raise reimbursement levels for doctors and hospitals participating in the program. Currently, Medicaid, which is administered by state governments, is often limited to poor families and, in some states, pays providers so little that many refuse to give care.

Nearly all Americans would be required to get insurance.

For doctors, the House lawmakers pledged an end to the annual threat of dramatic cuts in Medicare reimbursement rates. And for seniors, the bill would close the so-called doughnut hole in Medicare Part D drug benefits that socks many with high bills for prescription medications.

But the proposal for a new public insurance program, which Waxman said could initially pay Medicare rates, will almost certainly generate opposition from physician groups. Drug makers, whom Waxman and other Democrats accused of reaping windfalls from the government’s drug purchasing, may become another obstacle.

And business leaders are already fighting proposals being discussed in the Senate to mandate that employers provide coverage or pay a fee to the government. The draft House legislation puts that fee at 8% of payroll, though senior Democrats said that could change as the legislation is debated.

In the Senate, Democrats spent much of last week trying to hold together the consensus behind the healthcare push. Outside Washington, the political battle is also intensifying, as liberal political groups step up their efforts to pressure congressional Democrats not to back away from plans to create a new government insurance program.

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Are You Sick and Tired of High Health Care Costs?

Today’s health care costs are outrageously high. If you don’t have any insurance or very little insurance a trip to the doctor can be devastating financially. Many go to the doctor and can’t pay for the service. Once they’ve been seen they will most of the time have a prescription to fill. So now comes the choice pay the doctor or fill the prescription?

I’ve been in that situation before and maybe many of you have as well. I know what I did….. I went and got the script filled and payed the doctor when I got the extra money to do so. Then of course you have the billing folks hounding you to death and all you can do is send them what you can and sometimes ya just can’t send them anything. Then the credit report gets messed up, and thus the negative chain reaction begins. Thousands upon thousands… more like millions are faced with this very decision and set of circumstances every single day.

Prescription medication is very expensive in today’s society. So what does one do? You can’t very well go around sick and get even sicker. You have to see a doctor. You can’t very well go without your prescriptions. How else are you going to get well?

Some folks have to take prescription medications on a daily basis to control chronic health conditions. For our nations senior citizens there’s medicare. How much will this insurance cost? Cost will vary depending on which plan you choose, which drugs you use and whether you get help paying your Medicare Part D costs. Most Part D drug plans charge a monthly premium (an average of .93), a 5 deductible and a small co-pay for each drug. Some people qualify for extra help paying their costs. If you think you qualify, contact the Social Security Administration to apply.

If you don’t qualify for extra help, your drug plan may have a “coverage gap” — some people call it the “donut hole.” A coverage gap is a period of time in which you will have to pay for all your prescription drug costs yourself. The coverage gap begins once you and your plan have spent ,510 on prescription drugs. After that, you will continue to pay your monthly premium and you will pay for the next ,216 of your drug costs out-of-pocket. Once you reach your coverage gap limit, you have “catastrophic coverage.” This means you only pay a small amount for each of your drugs for the rest of the year.

Even those individuals on medicare are experiencing high prescription medication costs due to what is known as the medicare plan part D “GAP” which is exactly what it says it is. It’s a gap in prescription medication coverage. This is a heavy burden for our nations seniors who are on a fixed income.

Now with the current administration at the helm passing the largest unwanted piece of legislation in American history costs are skyrocketing. The health care bill (known as “Obama care” ) that the majority of Americans oppose is in fact increasing the costs of health care not reducing them. This is clearly a “franken” project that should have never left the lab.

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