Elderly health is taboo

Missing teeth in the elderly appears to be insignificant in the eyes thing, some people even after the teeth are not set for several years, oral experts tell you: this is very wrong, tooth loss, it can be said for the elderly health taboo.

1. Chewing dysfunction or loss of

Under normal circumstances, after the food enters the mouth, chewed by the teeth, food is chewed and also play a stimulating role on oral, causing reflex, on the one hand to promote the secretion of gastrointestinal fluid to help digestion; the other hand also contributed to the gastrointestinal motility, speed up the absorption of nutrients.

When the individual missing teeth or missing teeth, the chewing efficiency decreases or loss, reduced saliva secretion, did not chew the food into the stomach, along with increasing the burden on the gastrointestinal system, leading to Dental Tips gastrointestinal disorders, affecting humans the absorption of nutrients, the body may be severe digestive diseases.


Affect the face appearance

When people lack a front tooth, front teeth missing and even a cutting angle will affect the face and all missing teeth opposite impact on the more serious form.

All teeth missing, due to the upper and lower jaw teeth are lost between the support and the alveolar bone or jaw due to lack of stimulation of normal chewing forces will gradually degeneration, absorption, resulting in lower face height shorter, cheek and the surrounding muscle relaxation, lip, cheek retraction, drooping mouth, facial deformation and wrinkles, the people look better than their peers who look old.


Have an adverse effect on the remaining teeth

Teeth to withstand the chewing forces there is a limit, when the individual missing teeth, the chewing force concentrated in the remaining teeth, due to chewing forces over the remaining teeth of the tolerance limits, resulting in the remaining teeth caused by trauma resulting from periodontal ligament What causes bleeding teeth edema, gingival recession, accelerate alveolar bone loss, loose teeth and other periodontal diseases.

If long time denture, may lead to the adjacent real teeth to tilt within the gap of missing teeth, displacement, missing teeth and gaps corresponding to the teeth due to non-combat forces will gradually elongate, arranged in occlusion and tooth disorder appear , resulting in loss of normal teeth remaining adjacency, causing food impaction, is one of the causes leading to periodontal disease.

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