Gambling Addiction Affects People of All Ages

A gambling addiction can affect people of ages and of all walks of life. Senior gambling can easily lead to a gambling addiction because for several reasons. The same goes for teen gambling. Senior gambling is generally harmless fun, unless one has an addictive personality or other reasons to become addicted to it. Teen gambling may also start off as innocent fun, and may stay that way for many people, but under some conditions and circumstances teen gambling and senior gambling can get out of control. Sometimes when a gambler who has a problem is confronted with his actions, he will stop on his own. Other times, professional help may be necessary.
Seniors gambling can develop into a problem for various reasons including that fact they have a great deal of time on their hands and other reasons such loneliness and boredom lead to senior gambling problems Teen gambling is on the rise because of the ease of online gambling and the glorification of gambling on television.

Generally, with teen gambling the reason it becomes addictive is because of the adrenaline rush that gambling gives them. Teen gambling addiction can occur quickly be much more difficult to treat. Senior gambling problems are especially devastating financially because most senior citizens live a fixed income.

While senior gambling most often occurs out of boredom, teen gambling often occurs because the younger people see gambling as a quick way to get rich. Teen gambling leads to many problems including illegal behavior, drug and alcohol use, missing school, always needing money, poor grades and social isolation. Senior gambling leads to another set of problems such as financial stress and depression. Whether it is teen gambling problems or senior gambling problems, admitting that there is a problem is the first step to recovery. Sometimes admitting the problem is difficult regardless of the gambler’s age.

Senior gambling that leads to a loss of a person’s life saving is devastating because for most elderly people, going back to work is not an option. Senior gambling often times leads to financial ruin, while for teen gambling problems this is not the case. Teen gambling also leads to financial problems, but the teen has many years to make up for the monetary loss. Whether is it is a senior gambling problem or a teen gambling problem, the addiction not only affects the gambler, but the entire family and in many cases friends as well.

Senior gambling can easily lead to a gambling addiction because for several reasons. The same goes for teen gambling. Problem gambling may lead to stealing from parents to grandparents to support their addictive behavior.

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