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Today the Healthcare Industry is faced with challenges like increased government regulations, e-business challenges, rising patient expectations & demand for lower healthcare costs. These challenges have pushed healthcare organizations like never before to innovate at “Internet speeds,” which call for technology projects to be delivered in weeks or months, not years. Yet, no organization can afford to sacrifice routine application maintenance and application enhancement in order to accelerate the rollout of new systems. With the increase in health hazards, ensuring good health has always been one of the most important concerns in the modern era. This combined with the technical expertise that the world has achieved; there is a bright light appearing in the form of online healthcare solutions that are sure to make the lives easier than before. In recent years, healthcare has experienced dramatic change, extraordinary competition, and increasingly complex regulation, in addition to high political visibility.

Healthcare transaction requires large volume of information securely exchanged between healthcare providers, payers, and insurers. It is vital to healthcare organizations to consolidate intelligence data, maintain data integrity, and ensure regulatory compliance. The healthcare IT industry is a broad and complex industry consisting of healthcare providers, managed care operators, various kinds of vendors supplies, services, medical products and medical devices, in addition to patients and payers. Healthcare Software Development Companies helps healthcare organizations to manage these challenges by offering expert custom software application development and application management services in the areas of healthcare like pharmaceutical, medical and life sciences etc. Healthcare management solutions and life sciences solutions are the challenging field of work in the emerging era of technology. Industry Sectors are witnessing revolution almost in all-surmounting factors. Healthcare management solutions need to be more improvised in business processes, reduction in of costs, and be more customer-centric. The various challenges that are faced in healthcare Business are, Streamlining of processes, Integration of manufacturing and supply chain business processes, Increasing speed of information flow, Distributed access to medical information, Healthcare data – warehousing and analytics, Regulatory compliance fulfillment, Scientific information management, Reducing medical errors.

Mindfire Solutions is an Offshore Health Software Development Company, which takes up these challenges and provides Custom Healthcare Software Development Services. Mindfire Solutions over the years has worked on multiple projects that are related to healthcare industry. This experience, has helped Mindfire, developing extensive healthcare business domain knowledge, and provides the niche services targeting specifically for this vertical. Some of them are discussed here. We worked in building a Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System application. This is a full fledged web based EMR application which provides comprehensive solution to a physician’s needs. Another project which Mindfire executed is called Disease Information Search. Its a compilation of information on an existing Filmmaker database on genetics and diseases. The tool provides different category of information which it stores and maintains. Mindfire also worked on a project called Application for Dermatology Clinic. We worked with this dermatology specializing clinic to design and build a complete healthcare application, i.e EMR and PMS. Through proven technologies, industry best practices, and global delivery capabilities, we provide high-quality healthcare application development, re-engineering, and testing solutions with effective pricing.

To outsource your Healthcare Software Development Services, you can mail to or call us at 1-248-686-1424.

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