Healthcare Reform: How Cataract Outsourcing Can Help Ascs Increase Revenue

As we move closer to healthcare reform, the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) is going to have to become even more efficient. Cataract outsourcing companies can help with these efficiencies as well as counter the impending decreased reimbursement by Medicare.

Healthcare reform will force more reporting, productivity improvements and efficiencies. However, working with a cataract outsourcing company can help by yielding the following benefits:

Scheduling efficiency. Considering the non-emergency nature of cataract surgeries, you can schedule several cataract surgeries in one day. This significantly improves efficiencies in scheduling, staffing and OR use.

Ensure CMS compliance. Cataract outsourcing services can maintain all records and documentation, including those required for CMS compliance and other necessary regulations.

Eliminate capital investment. Cataract outsourcing provides the upfront capital investment on the ophthalmic equipment your surgeon prefers. If the ASC has several surgeons with different preferences, each of your surgeons can be accommodated. Or, as new technology emerges, the new equipment can be made available to your ASC through your cataract outsourcing service.

Skilled assistance. By partnering with a cataract outsourcing company, you can receive an extra set of hands during surgery, which can reduce your OR staffing needs. Another advantage is that when working with new technology, your surgeon can work with assistance from a trained professional who is skilled in the equipments operation.

Increased productivity. When surgeons have the equipment they prefer, have access to updated technology, and have backup equipment on standby if necessary, the surgeries move faster without sacrificing quality. Also, when ORs are set up and ready to go, allowing the surgeon to simply walk in and perform the surgery, the OR runs more efficiently. See for yourself.

Decrease soft costs. All upgrades, maintenance and repairs on equipment are taken care of by the cataract outsourcing service.

Reduce inventory. Cataract outsourcing takes care of the eye surgery equipment, cataract surgery kits, IOLs, and everything else needed for surgery, while still accommodating your surgeons preferences.

Group savings. If several ASCs are owned by one entity but spread throughout several areas, the facilities can schedule out their surgery days so that equipment can be shared. This allows for more patients to be served with less travel time, too.

Demand for cataract surgeries will continue to increase with senior citizen population on the up rise. However, Medicare reimbursements have declined and will continue to decline. Therefore to maintain or improve ones profitability, ASCs need to find ways to improve their OR efficiencies, lower their supply costs and/or reduce staffing. Cataract outsourcing companies may be the key to helping with these necessary changes.

This article is courtesy of Vantage Outsourcing, Effingham, IL. Vantage Outsourcing has been providing ophthalmic instruments, medical equipment, and services to hospitals and surgery centers, small and large, rural and metropolitan, since its inception in 1990. Since that time, the company has remained ahead of the healthcare reform curve by saving the healthcare industry over million in capital costs.

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