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“Health is Wealth” is the adage. It is incomparable for a senior citizen who is heading towards retirement and looking forward to spend the rest of his life in peace after running around for his/her family and children. The elderly are also in need of medical help and also emotional support when simple chores which were once part of daily routine becomes a nightmare. However, elderly senior care is something that has been ignored for quite some time. It is high time that we realized what their specific needs are and cater to those.

As you grow older, you are prone to risks far more than when you were younger. The fact is that your body is ageing and your brain refuses to believe in that. You continue to jump around or walk fast as you were doing all these years. Hence, says statistics that most of the accidents for the elderly are due to falls or slips.

Elderly falls or slips accounted for 18000 elderly deaths in 2007 in the US alone. Such is the danger in elderly folks moving or walking around. Hence, to keep them supple and healthy, exercises are mandatory.

The center for disease control and prevention has come out with staggering statistics if which some of them are listed below:

Falls are the leading cause of elderly deaths
Elderly falls and slips deprive seniors to live independently and results in early deaths
Falling is the most common cause of brain injuries while elderly people get hurt most probably due to falling.
Most of the elderly non-fatal injuries and those requiring hospitalization are caused due to falls

The above reasons are enough for you to look at options to ensure a safe and healthy after-retirement life for your elderly folks.

Some solutions

§  Keeping the elderly folk in good health by way of exercises helps a great deal in improving their physical and mental health.

§  Home panic button systems also help a great deal in ensuring that medical help reaches in times of emergency to the elderly at the press of the button.

The operator responds immediately on receiving the alarm and rushes to them to find out what is wrong. This way, you are sure that your elderly relatives are safe and sound even when you are not with them.

Elderly care is no small issue and it is time that you create a beautiful, calm and peaceful world for them to spend their life. Set an example and show your kids how to take care of you when you reach that stage later in life!

Byron Jonas recommends getting a good aged care assisted living for your seniors and loved ones. He thinks assisted living can be a win-win experience for all.

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