More firms tend to storage and network equipment “combine” – storage, security – Security Industry

At present, many users want to automatically configure the storage and network equipment integration, particularly through a single graphical user interface (GUI) to configure. Software vendors slowly aware of it, but they introduced Product There is very little.

Recent months, many manufacturers have gotten into the combination of the storage and network equipment Market . Enterprise Management Association (EnterpriseManagementAssociates) JeffreyNudler senior analyst, said: “combination of storage and network equipment is a very popular area, 60% of data center Disaster Failures are caused by manual configuration errors, and I think this IT managers is very painful lesson. “

Suppliers have also found that those who wish to automatically configure the integrated storage and networking equipment customers colleagues would like to have a common GUI to configure their network devices.

Some manufacturers have already begun work toward this goal. Last month, the network and server configuration vendor Opsware acquired storage resource management vendor Creekpath, storage and networking equipment to address the combined control problem. Now, Opsware is using Creekpath of Technology To create a new software platform, called ApplicationStorageAutomationSystem (ASAS).

Opsware is not the only one dedicated to integrating storage and network equipment manufacturers. HP ApplQ’s technology into its server management application; EMC acquired the exploration and mapping software application development Company nLayers and network management startup Smarts; IBM is preparing to integrate its Tivoli platform, server, network and storage management applications.

Shouted some users who need an overnight handle all storage and network equipment integration software. Freight Car Dealer StoopsFreightliner-QualityTrailer the IT manager NeilPerry said: “This software provides centralized configuration give us the report, let us see the hundreds from a single point of change of equipment.” AdventNet’s ManageEngine the company using the software to configure 100 network devices.

However, AdventNet’s storage and network equipment is a very powerful combination of software products, while Perry admits ManageEngine make his job a lot simpler.

Other users are also keen to network and storage devices configured together. From California, a large entertainment company IT manager, said: “We are considering a number of products currently on the market that will let me reduce a lot of trouble to me.”

But, in fact, combined with storage and network equipment technology seems to still lack. The IT manager explains: “does not have a specific product to meet all our needs.”

Currently no product can fully integrate storage and network equipment together. Although software vendors Finisar and NetScout are trying to solve this problem, but they are respectively from storage or network point of view.

There are many people speculate, through a single GUI how to effectively control the network devices and storage equipment configuration. IT manager from California who believe that, GUI may be better controlled, but will become particularly complex. Many manufacturers have to sacrifice ease of functionality. Maybe two years before the real advent of effective software tools.

Combination of storage and network devices have a potential problem is the user’s corporate culture. Storage network change management software vendor Onaro Vice President of Marketing BryanSemple found some users against using a single GUI, especially for large enterprises, their Environment Quite complex, with multiple IT teams, so they tend to be more diverse approach.

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