Nursing Information Systems ? Combined Technology with Healthcare

Nursing is one of the most crucial and important part of any healthcare facility’s daily operations. The task demands utmost concentration, devotion and organisation to deliver patient care of high quality. The introduction of information technology in the field of health services is steadily revolutionising the way the management and organisation of any facility functions. It is making its impact on almost every aspect right from clerical to managerial levels. Nursing Information Systems is a clever blend of the information technology with the science of nursing in improving the efficiency and quality of daily operations in a healthcare organisation. The various areas where this system can have influence are:

• Emergency Services: Tracking the patients admitted and their respective diagnosis.

• Infant care: The department of paediatrics can avail its services to keep and maintain the records of new borns for private as well as government healthcare purposes.

• Prescription and medicines: By utilising the services of NIS, a nurse from any location in a hospital can track and maintain a list of medicines available or to place order for replacements.

• Documentation: Being a paperless job, it is easy to maintain and access records of patients and other elements for further future references. Thye whole idea behind this is to provide an environment where the processes are simplified so as to avoid unnecessary wastage of time and resources.

For the comprehensive management of the healthcare facility ranging from managing equipments to taking care of staff and administration one can install healthcare information system software. The accompanying advantages of its implementation far outweigh the concerns that anyone would have. It is natural to be sceptic about changing the age old practices but considering the visible improvement in efficient management and quality if healthcare services, it is imperative for any healthcare faciltiy whether small or big to have information system in place that is tuned to assist in daily execution of duties.

Various kinds of errors occurring in prescription, billing, ordering or maintaining the health record are highlighted and easily rectified through such a system. Besides, it results in reduced input costs by cutting down on unnecessary wastages and the results are evident in the returns on your investments.

Yasasii is a comprehensive Hospital Information System software designed for all types of healthcare facilities in different settings providing user-friendly interface designed by highly experienced and leading software architects. In Nursing Information Systems, the simplicity of usage in turn helps in unraveling the complexities of daily operations and eliminating the usage of paper.

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