Occupational Therapy Jobs In The Healthcare Industry

Occupational therapy job opportunities are on a steady rise in the United States. Qualified professionals in occupational therapy can secure well-paid jobs in established healthcare facilities across the country. These positions are open to both recently certified and experienced occupational therapists.

Occupational Therapy Jobs Eligibility Conditions

Individuals applying for an occupational therapy job should have a masters degree in occupational therapy and possess the relevant state-issued license as well. They must also have strong communication skills. Persons who have successfully completed a certification program or associate degree in occupational therapy are eligible to work as assistants under the supervision of occupational therapists. Professionals satisfying all the prescribed eligibility criteria can obtain placement in renowned healthcare facilities including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, nursing facilities, acute care hospitals, long-term healthcare centers and home healthcare agencies.

Occupational therapists have to deal with patients with mental, emotional, developmental or physical disabilities belonging to different age groups. They have to analyze and schedule treatment and therapeutic methods to make the patient recover, develop or maintain their skills and ability to perform necessary tasks in living and working environments.

Placement with Excellent Benefits

Occupational therapy jobs allow you to work in convenient time schedules. You can opt for occupational therapy jobs on short-term, full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary basis, or even travel jobs. They come with excellent remuneration and supplementary benefits including:
Section 125 cafeteria plan
Short-term disability insurance
Professional liability insurance
Continuing education programs
401(k) benefits
Health care insurance
Additional state license
Assistance with immigration processing procedures (for foreign-trained personnel)

Healthcare Recruitment Services for the Best Opportunities

Occupational therapy job-seekers would do well to consult a reliable healthcare recruitment service provider. Most providers maintain online jobs databases providing information about the job requirements. Enrolling with a reputable provider helps you to access their databases and job listings as well as apply for suitable positions.

TheraKare, an Oklahoma based healthcare staffing company specialize in providing the best job opportunities in the physical therapy, occupation therapy and speech language pathology fields.

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