Old is Gold and Health is Wealth

It is a natural tendency to work as hard as possible every day while ignoring the signals our bodies are sending. A-type personalities are prone to stress, headaches, irritability, an inability to concentrate, body aches, and general malaise. As a result, they are more susceptible to health problems than those who lead a more balanced life.

Prevention is the key to leading a healthy and successful life. Whether you are a CEO or a blue-collar worker; knowing how much pressure to exert on your mind and body is essential. While it is true that some choose to ignore the warning signs of an on-coming illness and decide to “work though it,” they are forestalling the inevitable.

At a time when healthcare reform is being debated across the country, there are millions of people without health insurance. Those with an A-type personality may find that all the stress and angst has finally caught up with them.

A serious health condition may arise, requiring medication or hospitalization. Without insurance, they have to tap into their savings – or worse – use a credit card to pay for doctors and hospital fees.

With rising healthcare costs, even someone with the best insurance will find that prescription medications have become more costly than anticipated. In addition, doctor visits and hospital stays can exhaust their savings as well.

It is important that each and every one of us take stock of our lifestyles. Are we engaged in a healthy diet and exercise program? Are we reducing stress? Are we doing everything we can to teach our children that healthy equals wealthy? If not, why not!

If the adage is to be taken literally, then it is time that we stop the lies and hate-filled rhetoric and come together as a nation to find a way to reduce healthcare costs for all, and provide healthcare insurance to those who do not have it.

Lillian M. Varrassi is a writer and website owner of Health-Mind-Body.com. This site was created to provide a wealth of knowledge and advice on healthy living and self-healing thought for women. You will also find articles on health issues for children, men, and seniors. For more information, please visit: http://www.health-mind-body.com

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