DePuy Hip Replacement Recipients Should Preserve Their Legal Options

Most recipients of DePuy’s two recalled hip replacements, the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System, have two options: they can work through DePuy’s claims adjustment system as administered by its agent, Broadspire, or they can consult with a hip replacement lawyer. There are many reasons the latter is preferable to the former.

DePuy’s claims system requires those involved in the hip replacement recall to submit all kinds of information to DePuy and its agents. For example, it will demand access to your medical records, and it may even demand that you surrender your explanted hip replacement. These are pieces of crucial importance to you and DePuy can use them against you should you choose to file a hip replacement lawsuit against it.

During recent multidistrict litigation proceedings, DePuy and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, have claimed that they will not ask recipients to waive their legal rights against the company, but that’s not a reason to use the claims system. Indeed, the claims system simply won’t provide you with the kind of recovery that a hip replacement lawsuit can. You may be able to recover damages for lost wages, travel expenses, and for pain and suffering. By contrast, DePuy claims it will compensate people for their “reasonable and customary expenses” associated with the recall, but to qualify, it will review peoples’ situations on a case-by-case basis. Then it will reimburse people through their insurers rather than paying them directly, which increase administrative costs.

Thus, it’s in your best interest to bring your case to one of the attorneys at the Rottenstein Law Group. We can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

News and updates about the hip replacement recall is available here. If you, or a loved one, have been implanted with an ASR device stay informed about the DePuy hip recall


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Senior Healthcare Consultants Reports Non-network Insurance May Be Best for Seniors

According to Senior Healthcare Consultants, non-network insurance is many times the best option for senior citizens.  Non-network healthcare insurance offers “many options to individuals in need of the best healthcare,” according to one Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  According to this Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member, non-network healthcare is also referred to “as indemnity or fee for service plans.”

“Non-network insurance or indemnity plans allows the client to choose any hospital or any doctor they wish to visit,” explains Senior Healthcare Consultants.  There are no networks in which certain hospitals or doctors have to be chosen, adds the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  “The person covered by indemnity insurance pays their deductible and the insurance company provides payment or reimbursement to the hospital or doctor for any remaining balance,” continues the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  According to the same Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member there are policies in which the insured person pays the entire bill “and then the insurance company reimburses them directly.” Senior Healthcare Consultants points out that there is a benefit to seniors in choosing non-network insurance.

Senior Healthcare Consultants connects seniors in need of Medigap, Medicare supplemental insurance with quality Fortune 500 companies that work in the senior healthcare demographic.  Nationwide and serving all 48 contiguous states, Senior Healthcare Consultants, the largest division of RJR Insurance Services, helped the parent company post an astonishing 0,000,000 million in new premium sales over the last five years.  “We have had success in a down economy because we focus on one niche of service, and we know that product well,” explains a Senior Healthcare Consultants executive.

While the previously quoted Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member did not go into all the details, indemnity insurance works well with Medicare recipients.  According to Senior Healthcare Consultants there are numerous benefits to non-network insurance for seniors but four immediately came to mind.

“The first and foremost benefit is flexibility,” says a team member from Senior Healthcare Consultants.  According to Senior Healthcare Consultants, if a senior citizen needs a particular specialist, they need to know they have coverage.  “In other words a senior citizen cannot be denied the right to see a needed specialist, simply because that doctor is not ‘in network'”, claims the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  The Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member maintained that non-network insurance policies empower senior citizens to make their own choices concerning health care.  “With indemnity plans, an insurance company is not dictating the patient’s medical choices,” comments the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.

Another benefit, according to the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member of non-network plans, is the coverage.  “Indemnity plans, recognized as more traditional health insurance, cover a wider array of illnesses,” explains the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  While these plans may typically not cover physicals or preventive health care, they do “cover a larger list of illnesses that may encompass our senior market,” adds the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.

Indemnity policies also offer better emergency medical coverage, continues the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  “This kind of emergency medical coverage may be crucial to any individual as they age,” observes the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  According to Senior Healthcare Consultants, it is a common scenario for senior citizens to need an emergency room that could be “out of network” with other policies.  “With indemnity insurance, if one of our senior customers is in a different city and needs emergency services, they will not have to worry about coverage or additional fees or expenses,” states the Senior Healthcare Consultants staff member.  Senior Healthcare Consultants maintains that non-network insurance continually puts the power of all medical choices back in the hands of the patient.

While many contrasts are made between traditional managed health care and indemnity insurance, Senior Healthcare Consultants likes to point out that there are some similarities.  “One of the other benefits of non-network insurance today is the inclusion of some managed care

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Senior Healthcare Consultants

Senior healthcare consultants (SHC) are one of the leading providers of supplementary health policies for senior citizens (age 65+).

They would distribute their products & services through independent agents. They have a history of generating excellent agents to help & guide the seniors in terms of the dynamic Medicare services.


They are known for interacting with the seniors & analyzing their specific needs to perfection. Senior Healthcare Consultants are real quick to ascertain the reasons associated with medical problems & suggest good remedies that go well with the mounting costs. Senior Healthcare Consultants also have to offer some lucrative opportunities that are well supported by their dynamic people & new age systems.



Senior Healthcare Consultants promise to serve all customers with their utmost commitment & effectiveness:



The Senior Healthcare Consultants agent would visit you to deliver an informal presentation of the benefits that would come to you through their supplementary health programs.



The Senior Healthcare Consultants agents would assure that by signing on the paper work you would still have a couple of weeks to decide on it. You would certainly feel at ease since you’re still not under any real obligation.



They are always aimed at offering quality products through their 50-member team of Senior Healthcare consultants. Their job is to explain the benefits of their programs as well as the necessity of such products in your life.


Senior Healthcare Consultants are helping in spreading products which are of highest demand in the market. That is one good reason why the economic ups & downs are not affecting the earnings of late. Senior Healthcare Consultants are hoping to broaden up their customer-base by 3 times during the next decade. They are truly spreading their operations through out the United States in order to meet the current market demands. 

Evan T. Smith is an industry analyst & moderator for the AmPminsure Community. He has successfully guided & assisted insurance consumers of all ages & economic strata through the different insurance forums. He is currently associated with a team of insurance professionals & actuaries who are researching on the latest industry trends.

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Boomers Going Abroad For Healthcare

Most seniors are concerned with health issues. Increasing needs for medical care, the rising cost of that care and the outrageous price tag of prescription medications has many seniors these days choosing between paying their rent and paying for their medications.

Unfortunately, many baby boomers, those generally defined as having been born between 1946 and 1964, are finding themselves in a precarious situation due to the struggling economy, cutbacks in government aid, and an inability of many facilities to provide adequate care for a multitude of needs.

Seniors waiting for non-life-threatening conditions such as knee surgeries, cosmetic or plastic surgeries, obesity or weight loss treatment programs, hip resurfacing or hip replacement procedures and even vision or dental care are placed on increasingly growing waiting lists as priorities and life-threatening illnesses and injuries take precedence.

According to the Medical Tourism Magazine, 2010 will see nearly 75,000,000 baby boomers seeking or needing necessary medical treatment or surgeries.

By the year 2030, nearly half of adults living in the United States will be over 50 years old. Life expectancy is lengthening, and more seniors are living well into their 90s and topping the 100-year-old mark. The need for care for such individuals is growing and the medical industry is scrambling to find ways to care for this generation.

Unfortunately, the health care system in the United States is wobbling, but that doesn’t mean baby boomers can’t find adequate healthcare, treatments, procedures or surgeries for their needs. Medical tourism is a booming industry, and has become an accepted and safe alternative to high medical costs, long wait times, and inadequate services found in Britain, Canada and the United States.

Arthritis, osteoarthritis, mild forms of dementia, and heart problems prompt many otherwise healthy seniors to seek medical treatments that will improve quality of life.

Concerns regarding treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or dementia are also high on the list of medical conditions that seniors worry about. So is the growing need for therapies and joint replacement surgeries. Unfortunately, such care is growing increasingly expensive and many boomers wonder if they will be forced to suffer in silence.

Global Boomer Tourists Leading the Way

Baby boomers and others of the post-World War II generation are not to be taken lightly or underestimated. This group of individuals has led the way in medical tourism to destinations in Asia, South America and Europe for excellent, high-tech state-of-the-art facility care, treatments and procedures for many years. According to the World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress, the coming years will see nearly 17,000,000 Americans venturing beyond domestic borders for medical and healthcare in India, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Croatia, and dozens of other international destinations with growing reputations for providing some of the best medical and surgical care in the world.

Alarming Cost of Medical Services in the 21st Century

Everyone’s worried about finances these days. Baby boomers who are set for retirement are now having to switch gears and transition from plans for retirement to staying in jobs an extra five or 10 years to meet rising living expenses and healthcare needs. Alarming statistics define that nearly 60% of today’s bankruptcies are caused by staggering medical expenses as a result of emergency surgeries, diagnosis of chronic illnesses, treatment of cardiac and bone diseases and processes as well as treatment for dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Seniors limited to Social Security or pension payments are in a particular predicament. Many seniors have moved in with family members to help share living expenses, save money and cut expenses, but don’t count this generation down and out.

Boomers Fighting Back

Baby boomers are one of the most educated generations, and easy access to Internet resources has encouraged and enabled many of today’s baby boomers to find reliable and timely resources for medical travel abroad.

Boomers are careful and patient when it comes to researching options, and more are finding that international medical facilities offer not only the care they need, but at prices they can afford. Traveling abroad for treatment and surgical procedures for everything from arthritis to stem cell transplants is the wave of the future. Improving quality of life, enjoying excellent and state-of-the-art healthcare and benefiting from lower healthcare costs in international medical destinations offers boomers the ultimate solution when it comes to their medical needs, today and tomorrow.

Sara Alfred is an RN who has worked in health tourism for over 35 years. She has done international medical management consulting for a major health care organization. Prior to joining PlacidWay ( she worked for the nation’s leading healthcare IT company as an implementation consultant for Electronic Medical Records.

Question by closemaster_g: has anyone out there worked for SENIOR HEALTHCARE CONSULTANTS? if so how is/ was it? good money?

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Consultants, always good money…

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