Q&A: What does the medical community itself think about Obama’s health care reform?

Question by Red Fox Ace: What does the medical community itself think about Obama’s health care reform?
So much hubbub has been made in the media, but what do doctors, physicians, nurses, and surgeons themselves think about Obama’s health care reform?

Strongly in favor? Strongly opposed? Split?

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Answer by Scott
Of the doctors I have talked to much of the staff in hospitals in upstate new york, I have noticed that an overwhelming number of them strongly oppose the health care reform. This is simply due to the fact that since everyone gets free health care, people will go to family physicians and hospital emergency rooms for the common cold. This racks up the money spent on treating them and takes time away from patients who truly need help. It also causes shortness of staff and shortness of supplies.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What does the medical community itself think about Obama’s health care reform?”

  1. Scott is completely inventing his response. There is NO free health care even in Medicaid expansion which wasnt that much, and doctors should be conversant with the health care bill in part to understand that much. We do have a nursing shortage and a primary care doctor shortage but there is nothing in the health care bill to discourage future doctors.

    Thats why I cant believe people in upstate NY are such rubes they cannot read a summary of the bill’s provisions. Obama had several meetings with doctors, nurses, insurance execs, pharma execs. Remember? He allowed them input into this bill, so how do people claim he is a socialist? Maybe some real physician will respond to your question. Most people cant spare the time to research the bill’s summaries.

  2. This old RN’s personal opinion is that it is so much smoke and mirrors, and one of the most dangerous frauds ever perpetrated on the American people in the history of the country.. It certainly is NOT “free” healthcare. You will be required by law to purchase health insurance, whether you can afford it or not. It will destroy the profit incentive which has stimulated the building of modern, clean, well-equipped hospitals and all the marvelous wonder drugs that extend our lives and make us comfortable. And why would any doctor or nurse spend the years required to study for a profession that no longer pays a decent living wage? Or, for that matter, why should any doctor or nurse remain in the field when they can go down to the local supermarket and work as a union Stock Boy and make more money with better benefits? Frankly, anyone who wants to see what “socialized” medicine looks like need only travel to Russia or Ukraine and take a look up close and first-hand. Their hospitals are pathetic compared to what we have here. To receive your “free” healthcare, you must WALK (because you don’t have a car) down to the local People’s Hospital #3, or “Kiev Clinic #4” or “Coal Miner’s Hospital” to get your care. Be sure to get there around 5 AM, because the long line will be wrapped around the block by 8 AM. Medical care is sparse. They wash and re-use bandages, as well as needles. Families must bring in sheets and bedding from home for the patient. Patients must bribe the doctor to prescribe medicine, and bribe the nurse to give it. Food? The patients only eat if family members bring in food from home. The halls in the hospital are dark and grimy (similar to American VA Hospitals, actually). They re-use needles there. There is no insulin; the treatment for diabetes is to amputate toes and feet. There is no local anesthesia for such things as root canals on your teeth, or to suture you up. There are no antibiotics. A bottle of aspirin is a precious commodity. Doctors and nurses work for exactly the same wage, about $ 60 per month. So does the hospital janitor, $ 60 per month. Doctors and nurses supplement their incomes by accepting bribes for “special favors,” such as seeing to it that medicine is dispensed, or that surgery is performed on time. “Doctors” there have less training than an American RN, and receive training ONLY in their particular specialty, not a general overall course of study. Some of the “Obstetricians” I met in Tashkent were nothing more than Midwives. In some cases, they don’t even have stethoscopes and instead put their ear to the patient’s chest to listen to lung and heart sounds. If anyone doubts any of this, I urge you to go get on a plane and travel to Moscow or Kiev and see for yourself. I am not exaggerating one bit. This is the glorious “socialized medicine” touted by Obama as being so superior to American medicine. And it’s what’s waiting for us. Certainly when the profit incentive is gone, American hospitals and healthcare will slowly deteriorate down to the Russian or Ukrainian model of healthcare. Americans will flee to foreign countries for their healthcare. In fact, there is actually a medical industry developing in Costa Rica right now to cater to Americans when they can’t get healthcare here in America. Thank you, Obama. You’ve figured out a way to reduce our “surplus population.” I just hope and pray Conservatives get back into office in January, and that they can de-fund and overturn this reckless Obamacare.

  3. I work at a 700 bed academic medical center in a large US city, and hae yet to talk to anyone in it who approves of the current health care law. The changes in it will have no impact on cost reduction: the main goal when starting out. So far, the law has done nothing but raise costs for the vast majority of people, as insurance companies quickly applied for premium increases in most US states. Businesses are dropping indemnity and PPO plans on corporate health plans in favor of HMO’s.

    The plan as is does nothing to stop increasing costs for medical treatment, and has led to (at least in my city) a much larger percentage of doctors dropping both medicare and medicaid a accepted plans since they do not pay enough (or in the case of medicaid in my state) have not been paying at all.

    Also the goal of the plan is to insure everyone, but does nothing to address the nursing and primary care doctor shortages. Even the full costs of the bill itself are unknown, as yearly things like the “Doctor Fix” were not included in the accounting of what it might cost.

    As for the other posters assertion that doctors had input in the bill, yes they did through the AMA which is not a doctor union. It is a group that represents 17% of practicing doctors in this country that would support anything as long as it was able to maintain its monopoly of the use and printing of all materials that are needed for current use of CPT codes for medical billing. I was an AMA member up until they gave approval to the health care bill. No doctor was asked by them what they wanted, rather the corporate guys decided it for us.

  4. Buy stock in paper manufacturers. The new bill is expected to generate a BILLION new pieces of paper a year in new bureaucracy. It won’t do a thing for improving access to care, quality of care, or cost of care.

    There is so much in that bill that we don’t even know about yet. Even the politicians who voted for it don’t know what’s in it. Get ready for some (completely unrelated to healthcare) surprises over the next few years.

    I haven’t met a physician OR patient who is in favor of it yet.

    I’m working on my “Plan B” for my career, and it may involve leaving the US permanently – just have to get the baby out of high school, which happens shortly before the next presidential elections.

    I think Obama is a smart dude, but he’s got his head up his ass on this issue, for sure.

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