Solutions for Rewarding Healthcare Compliance Achievements

Compliance has become the most important factor for medical practitioners today. Every individual is well aware of the consequences of non-compliance. Previously, before the HIPAA and HITECH laws were initiated there was a general apathy towards protecting patient’s personal health information causing sufferings to many helpless victims. The medical organizations had neither any control over the flourishing malpractices nor did it take responsible actions to stop them.

The callous attitude of the healthcare organizations provoked the judiciary to take firm steps and incorporate regulations to provide a safety net for the patients. Even with strict penalties the healthcare providers are continuing operations with their faulty systems that hardly produce any results. Despite being reminded about new and revised regulations the providers pay minimal attention to train their staff and keep them up to date with the latest regulations.

Due to budget crisis they are unable to implement new solutions and try to manage with the old infrastructure and applications that have no relevance with the new regulations. With such shortage of facilities and vulnerability management systems personal health information can be easily compromised with. Loss of disk drives, documents and records of patients by the medical staff, blind trust on business associates have all cost healthcare organizations a heavy price. Non-compliance has become a universal plague with scarcely any signs of relief.

A quick fix solution is not the answer to this epidemic. Medical practitioners require permanent and effective solutions to cure this ailment. The cloud based SecureGRC SB is the right solution that has the tenacity to deal with all security and healthcare compliance risks. This helps medical organizations to be constantly aware of their own compliance status and the revised regulations that they need to adjust to.

Since the solution is an automated one the organizations are saved the trouble of updating their policies manually. So there is no room for errors or negligence. The SecureGRC SB is also ideal for HITECH compliance regulations as it helps to monitor the activities of the business associates that are vital sources of security breaches. The infrastructure is flexible and easy to handle with integrating qualities.

Since it is a cloud based service medical organizations do not have to invest additionally for new setups, which help in reducing the burden of extra costs. Thus any organization, irrespective of its size can benefit immensely. With the SecureGRC SB solution organizations can be saved from public humiliation and expensive fines. All routes leading to security breaches can be the corrective actions taken ensure a risk-free environment for both patients and medical practitioners.

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