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Q&A: What does the medical community itself think about Obama’s health care reform?

Question by Red Fox Ace: What does the medical community itself think about Obama’s health care reform?
So much hubbub has been made in the media, but what do doctors, physicians, nurses, and surgeons themselves think about Obama’s health care reform?

Strongly in favor? Strongly opposed? Split?

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Answer by Scott
Of the doctors I have talked to much of the staff in hospitals in upstate new york, I have noticed that an overwhelming number of them strongly oppose the health care reform. This is simply due to the fact that since everyone gets free health care, people will go to family physicians and hospital emergency rooms for the common cold. This racks up the money spent on treating them and takes time away from patients who truly need help. It also causes shortness of staff and shortness of supplies.

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The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC) discusses the current issues of chronic fatigue syndrome. NOTE: The captions associated with this video or set or videos was recorded in real-time during the event and may not accurately record names, titles, or certain information. If you have questions, please contact cfsac@hhs.gov. Learn more at www.hhs.gov Sign up to receive email updates from HHS.gov: public.govdelivery.com — US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) www.hhs.gov We accept comments in the spirit of our comment policy newmedia.hhs.gov HHS Privacy Policy www.hhs.gov
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Q&A: Question about Obama’s blueprint?

Question by Dr. Bean: Question about Obama’s blueprint?
Concerning the national debt, Obama’s blueprint says:
“Restore Fiscal Discipline in Congress
Obama will reinstate pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budget rules, so that new spending or tax cuts are paid for by
spending cuts or new revenue elsewhere.”

So, how much does he think universal healthcare costs? How much will his tax increases account for? And what programs will he cut?

I know he wants less governmental jobs to be ‘no-bid’ contracts…sounds pretty vague…can’t get a number on how much money that might save.
I also no he ‘wants to cut pork barrell spending.’ However, keep in mind this is only about $ 20 billion per year.
We need at least a few hundred BILLION to break even. Add another few hundred BILLION for universal healthcare at least. WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM?
…and no, I am not a McCain supporter. I am asking a question about what I feel is the greatest threat america faces: the deficit, the debt, and the dollar.

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Answer by DAR
You know where the money comes from. Look in the mirror.

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Seniors Adventuring in the Outdoors
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Gray Hair – Another Aspect About Getting Older

Down through the ages people have wondered about getting older and what brings on the streaks of white that appear in our hair. Was it a mark of wisdom? A badge of honor? No one could say.

Some recent work may finally answer the age-old question. It seems a chain reaction of chemicals in the body cause a massive buildup of hydrogen peroxide that removes the color from hair – so that hair bleaches itself from the inside out.

The research report that discusses the breakthrough discovery appears online in The FASEB Journal; a publication sponsored by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, one of the most cited scientific journals worldwide.

The team of European scientists made the discovery by looking at cell cultures of human hair follicles. Such basic research in biology has brought us the answer to one of the questions most curious questions of aging and perhaps will one day help create new ways to manage those pesky gray hairs if you choose to, that is.

The researchers from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom found that the graying process begins not with demanding work or raising free thinking children, but rather with a dip in an enzyme known as catalase that makes it harder for the hydrogen peroxide that’s naturally inside your hair to be broken down.

Any veteran of hair coloring can tell you that hydrogen peroxide takes the color from hair.

As hair follicles undergo wear and tear, the hydrogen peroxide continues to build up, blocking the synthesis of melanin, our hair’s natural pigment.

What’s more, other protective enzymes that might help to repair the damage are also in short supply and so gray hairs appear.

Some gray hairs – especially coarse hairs, prematurely gray hairs and gray hairs around the hairline or at your temples are especially resistant to being colored, or lose what color you apply more quickly than grays in other parts of your head.

“Not only blondes change their hair color with hydrogen peroxide,” said Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal.

“All of our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes a lot. We bleach our hair pigment from within, and our hair turns gray and then white. This research, however, is an important first step to get at the root of the problem, so to speak.”

The experts suspect the mechanism identified in the research might also be responsible for a condition known as vitiligo, where white spots appear on the skin. Skins cells are known to also produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide as part of the natural oxygen cycle.

So, if you could stop that initial chemical reaction, could you keep hair from going gray?


The scientists who completed this work hope to find a way to remix the chemical soup so that the natural color stays in the hair follicles.

This would be gold (no pun intended here either) for the hugely profitable hair care industry, and it might not be long until products that take out the naturally produced hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicles are on the shelves at your local drugstore, meaning one less thing to worry about getting older.

Next just head on over to the Daily Health Bulletin for more ways to reduce concerns about getting older and get 5 free revealing health reports.

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Allforone Home Healthcare: Tips And Tricks About Medicare Covered Home Health Care Services

Home health care is the latest trend of care giving in the world of healthcare industry. If before we usually bring our loved ones to specialty nursing homes to meet their medical needs and wants that not all of us are capable of doing in our own home, now we don’t have to be away from them just to keep them on great health. With home health care services, all care and services that are usually done in the hospital will be performed right at the comfort of your own home. This means great convenience and tons of accessibility on our side.

Home health care services are classified into different types and kinds. The most common forms are general and Medicare covered home health care services. There is a great difference between the two. First is the liability of the insurance company. Medicare covered home health care services is only one of the many advantages of Senior’s insurance while general home health care is an option for many Medicare and Non Medicare clienteles.

The pay is usually covered by the Medicare and other services are free of charge provided that you meet the standard requirements. Also, Medicare covered home health care services are illness based meaning one cannot simply apply for these types of services unless a doctor’s order is clearly endorsed on the qualified company like Allforone Homehealthcare.

To be able to qualify on Medicare covered home health care services, these are the given minimum requirements:

1. Your doctor is the only authoritative person who is in full capacity of deciding whether you need to have a home health care service at home or not.
2. He or she should plan the type of care needed at home.

You must need at least one of the following but not limited to:

– Time to time skilled nursing care that is only on part time
– Physical therapy sessions
– Speech/language pathology sessions
– The need of occupational therapy at home

4. You must be non mobile meaning leaving your home is a great burden on your part. A fully capable person that can leave his/her house for medical treatment may be subjected to other type of services but not necessarily home health care services.
5. Your doctor must endorsed or present you with the list of qualified home health care agencies.
6. Your home health care agency should be certified by Medicare.

Taking care of an elderly at home is such a daunting task to deal with that is why many people are now opting for home health care service to easily care and fill in the needs of their loved ones. Before you apply or inquire to such agencies, make sure to contact your doctor first as this is the first step to determine if you qualified by Medicare or not. Should you be qualified, go to trusted home health care agencies like Allforonehomehealthcare.com to ensure high quality care and real trained medical staffs.

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