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Q&A: Question about Obama’s blueprint?

Question by Dr. Bean: Question about Obama’s blueprint?
Concerning the national debt, Obama’s blueprint says:
“Restore Fiscal Discipline in Congress
Obama will reinstate pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budget rules, so that new spending or tax cuts are paid for by
spending cuts or new revenue elsewhere.”

So, how much does he think universal healthcare costs? How much will his tax increases account for? And what programs will he cut?

I know he wants less governmental jobs to be ‘no-bid’ contracts…sounds pretty vague…can’t get a number on how much money that might save.
I also no he ‘wants to cut pork barrell spending.’ However, keep in mind this is only about $ 20 billion per year.
We need at least a few hundred BILLION to break even. Add another few hundred BILLION for universal healthcare at least. WHERE DOES THE MONEY COME FROM?
…and no, I am not a McCain supporter. I am asking a question about what I feel is the greatest threat america faces: the deficit, the debt, and the dollar.

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Answer by DAR
You know where the money comes from. Look in the mirror.

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