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Winter Health Wellness: Rheumatoid fear “Cold Wind” – winter health regimen – the pharmaceutical industries

Interviewed experts / Guangzhou Medicine University, Division of Rheumatology, First Affiliated Hospital Director Professor Lin Changsong

Cold hit, cold wind whizzing. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis at this time the most painful, because the “Cold Wind” is the acute attack of rheumatoid arthritis, an important incentive. “Last month was more than an empty bed, now 45 beds all full, had to bed, out-patients also increased.” Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Division of Rheumatology, First Affiliated Hospital Director Professor Lin Changsong, said: “Patients with rheumatoid arthritis particularly sensitive to the weather, the cooling time paying particular attention to warm, to prevent exacerbations.

“Cold Wind” is the main cause

Chinese rheumatoid arthritis is referred to as “Bi Syndrome.” Chinese medicine, “Cold Wind to three gas hybrid, co-Stagnation also.” Patients are often manifested as muscle and joint swelling, joint pain, cold area with obvious feeling, serious illness, even in the summer will feel aversion to cold fear cold, for cold and rainy weather were symptoms worsened during warm bath or relieve symptoms after baking.

Experts say people who work in the field a long time, year-round work of the office girl in the office every day in air-conditioned environment, and there are wearing dresses, these people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis disease is easily repeated, increasing.

Many patients do not diet in rheumatoid

Always thought a lot of rheumatic disease diet after the numerous taboos, animal offal can not eat, can not eat seafood, do not even eat eggs. Linzhu Ren said: “In fact, this is a misunderstanding. In addition to

Gouty arthritis , Other rheumatic most do not have taboos, especially in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, their poor physical condition, many patients with

Anemia Hypoproteinemia, this population if a balanced diet, poor nutrition, and disease more difficult to restore. ”

Course, some patients with rheumatoid arthritis, immune state of disorder, for some drugs or foods are often more sensitive than normal, these patients may be very clear about what foods to eat after the pain will be significantly increased, it should be “diet “do not eat these foods. In addition, other food can eat, high protein food, rich in

Vitamin Fresh fruits and vegetables can not be less.

Prescription Care Exercise appropriately increase activities to smooth the meridians, qi and blood circulation, enhance immunity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and maintain joint function.

bed movement: In the acute stage to reduce the weight-bearing exercise, can do some of the bed extension activities in order to maintain joint function. The remission Zexu regular activities. Of disease activity in some patients because of joint pain and completely inactive, the results appeared to be after the inflammation subsided muscle, ligament adhesions, resulting in significant obstacles to joint function, affecting the rehabilitation of joints. Therefore, joint pain patients may wish to slow in bed doing stretching exercises, such as are joint or muscle stiffness, may be in the sports massage before.

massage rub: rheumatoid arthritis patients vulnerable to hand-foot-cold, cold weather, these parts more easily catch cold. Chinese medicine, Yin and Yang meridians by the other 12 multi-intersection in the index finger, often rubbing blood meridian massage is not only beneficial to smooth, warm cold, can also help relieve rheumatoid arthritis hand swelling, early morning knuckles rigid symptoms.

warm water foot bath: As the saying goes, cold starting from the feet. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis foot bath with hot water every night before going to bed half an hour, side foam side twist, not only can promote blood circulation, but also improve sleep.

Diet Diet Number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis can choose food and medicine homologous

Traditional Chinese medicine Since Pharmacy Diet to enhance physical fitness, reduce disease.

Smilax water snake chicken soup

Material: Water Snake (or Banyan snake) 250 grams, 50 grams of Smilax glabra, Chixiaodou 50 grams, ginger 20 grams, 100 grams of chicken.

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Reform Means Planning for Healthcare System Wellness

Wellness is not simply an absence of illness, it is an active process of becoming aware, planning for, and carrying out healthy choices that bring about positive change.

Understanding and maintaining wellness is critical in every one of our lives – and in the lives of the people we serve who are recovering from mental illnesses and substance use disorders.

As members of the behavioral health community, we must engage in the active process of becoming aware, planning for, and carrying on the hard work of healthcare system reform. This kind of healthcare system wellness is our responsibility. Federal healthcare reform legislation is a big step in the right direction. However, maintaining wellness is an ongoing process. In considering the wellness of our healthcare system there are several dimensions we as providers and consumers of healthcare services should be attending to.

These dimensions of healthcare system wellness include funding, health information technology, service provision, quality improvement and research. Some examples of the planning and activities we can take part in.


– Reform the payment system to stop the promotion of paying for procedures and replacing it with payment based on the quality care.

– Aggressive reform of billing practices that stymie providers from making the necessary changes to create seamless healthcare services. Including funding for coordination of care, case management, transportation and allowing providers in every state to bill for more than one service in a day in the same clinic.

Health Information Technology

– The development of patient registries for the uniform collection of clinical and administrative data. Registries will allow for better monitoring and continuity of care while helping to make the business case for behavioral and primary care services integration

– Making sure that our electronic health records are compliant with Health Level Seven (HL7) international interoperability standards. Required by the US Department of Health and Human Services, these standards will enable electronic medical records to exchange, manage and share information between providers.

Service Provision

– Adoption of the healthcare home approach to care. This approach requires a bi-directional care provision which challenges the traditional thinking about how providers work with one another. Specialty mental health and primary care providers must reach out to one another and work in a coordinated fashion to provide disease management services for people with severe mental illness and/or substance use conditions.

– The implementation of wellness programming as a Medical Home standard of care for all people diagnosed with a severe mental illness and/or substance use condition.

– The expansion of peer-led wellness programming as an effective way to promote healthy living and care coordination.

– Improving the surveillance capacity at the state and local levels. This includes the ability to provide early identification of mental and substance use disorders as well as the morbidity and mortality tied to these conditions.

Quality Improvement

– The training of staff in the use of lean techniques for quality improvement. These approaches build on the Plan-Do-Study-Act model to rapid cycle improvement for services monitoring and enhancement.

– The continued standardization of screening and treatment processes through the use of evidence-based practices and validated measures.

– With the development of sophisticated electronic medical records healthcare organizations have more access to data than ever before. Learning how to use data to monitor and create positive change in our organizations is required if we are going to succeed in this new age of healthcare.


– Every year billions of tax dollars are spent on research that is directly related to the services we provide to consumers and their families every day. It is only through engaging the research community in a discussion about how to better work together that practice can become informed by research and research by practice.

The behavioral health community has come together to help make Healthcare Reform a reality. Maintaining these gains while continuing to improve the behavioral healthcare system requires we become engaged in the activities inherent to wellness, namely awareness building, planning and the continued hard work that comes from creating high quality services.

Linda Rosenberg is the president and CEO of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. TNC specializes in lobbying for mental and behavioral healthcare reform . Lean more at http://www.thenationalcouncil.org.

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