World Powers and Population Components

What does it take to become a World Power, one which really has a lot of clout? Some say it takes 50 million in population, but realize that many great nations do not have that many people, even though they are considered world powers. Also some that have lots more than that are not considered world powers at all. For instance, Mexico with 150 million in population, considered the fourth or fifth largest in population presently.

What about future world powers, what will they need in population numbers to make the grade? Well, much of the World Power status is about economic output and GDP, so, it may take a good chunk of population base to do this. Mexico has 150 million plus, but a deteriorating economy, non-entrepreneurial mindset, and a citizenry that likes the concepts of communism due to the Patrone methodology that was pervasive in the past, which much more similar to Communism.

There are many nations that have great opportunities, I just happen to believe if China plays her cards right, she will rise to the top and become not only a world power, which one could easily argue she is well beyond that, but the premier Global Super Power.

And we should expect India right behind her, let’s say by 2050. Mexico will get there along with many other nations as well, once they organize and rise up.

A young substantial population really helps move things along, and a strong educational system. These two components with a good strong population base is what’s needed to make it in the real world. Please consider all this, and definitely go play some golf.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is an avid golfer and only uses Callaway Clubs.

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